I would like to share you another international wedding shoot I covered in Malaysia a little over two months ago.

This is the 1st day of a 2-day wedding event.

The first day was the maiyan ceremony. Sandeep and Ariane were being “prepared” for the wedding day. “Vatna” or scented powder (made of barley flour, turmeric and mustard oil) was applied on their body. It’s said to cleanse and purify the bride and groom. Also a way of their family and friends to show their “love” for them.

Mehndi followed, wherein henna tattoo was applied on Ariane’s girl friends’ hands and both her hands and feet. Henna is known to “de-stress”. Tradition says that the longer the color lasts, the more love the bride will get from her in-laws.

It was really a beautiful day and the culture of a punjabi sheikh wedding is really amazing.

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Mark and Czacza plan to have their prenup shoot in Singapore where Mark is based. However, due to work related circumstances, we have to reschedule the shoot in Tacloban. Mark has to fly to the United States to do some architectural work and he’ll only be back in Tacloban few days before their wedding. I thought we won’t be having the prenup shoot anymore considering that Mark will be arriving Tacloban 2 days before Christmas and i’ll be away with my family then. Anyways, to make the story short, we were able to squeeze in half day from our respective schedules and was able to do the shoot.

We scheduled our prenup shoot on a day wherein the weather was not so good. It was raining for the whole day. I decided to have our first location in Jose Karlos Cafe while we wait for the rain to stop…. And it didn’t. I thought to myself we can’t no longer reschedule the shoot since there will be no other time, so I better squeeze again my creative juices.  After the coffee shop, we headed for the beach despite the heavy rain and eventually decided to just finish the shoot in the studio. It was a challenging shoot and in spite of the bad weather, I guess I was able to make Mark and Czacza happy with their prenup photos.

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Teaser Video: Behind the Scenes

Two weeks ago I did a prenup shoot of Nesly and Ralph. I asked a good friend of mine, the incredible, Perry Amoylen to make a short video of me working. I’ve been longing to have this kind of  video since 2010 and it’s only now that’s happening. I like the idea of having this kind of video so you can see how I work but most especially you can see a glimpse of who I am as a photographer and as a person. This is just a sneak peak video and i’ll post very soon the full video. Cheers!

Joey Reyna Photography | Prenup Shoot – Behind the Scenes from Joey Reyna on Vimeo.


Welcome to the part 2 of Neung and Jude’s traditional Thai wedding rites. 



The Khan Maak Procession

According to Thai custom, a couple traditionally becomes engaged in a ceremony known as “Khan Maak”.  Khan means ‘bowl’ and Maak means ‘betel nut’; ‘Khan Maak’ literally means ‘bowl of betel nuts”.

Traditionally in Thai culture, the family of the groom discuss with the family of the bride how much dowry (‘sinsod’) should be paid. Once this is agreed, the engagement can take place which involves an offering of gold and gifts for the bride and her family. The groom and his family and friends form a procession to take the ‘khan maan man’ (items of engagement) on special trays to the family of the bride. The time of the procession is very important, as it has been calculated to occur at the most auspicious moment for the bride and the groom.

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Hello world again!

Imagine my blogosphere was on hiatus  for more than 2 years! Anyways, what is important I am back and I am ready to share again love stories through my photographs. Ahem!:)

What a perfect time to resurrect my blog by posting another international wedding I covered in Bangkok, Thailand last September 26, 2015. This I am sure is a very long and educational post. I hope you won’t complain considering my long time off in blogging. I promise you’ll learn a thing or two about traditional Thai wedding rites.


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