Destination Wedding: Cabasse, Provence (Var), France

What a great way to end the year by posting my very first out of the country spring wedding shoot last June, 2011 in France. I’ve been longing to post this wedding right after I got back in the studio but given this as the highlight of the year so far I just thought of posting it now to end a fruitful and blessed year for me and my team.

Paulin and Giandino’s wedding will go down in the books as one of my beautiful and most unique wedding locations.

They were married in a beautiful St. Pon’s Church (a 16th century church) at the gorgeous and small village of Cabasse, Provence (Var), France.

Cabasse is a small village tucked into the forested hills of the Issole valley. The main village square is a cobbled courtyard and has a tall mossy fountain in front of Medieval arched passages through the ancient stone buildings. This is also where the couple had their first cocktail reception. This place is medieval as there are many old little streets for wandering, ancient stone walls, picturesque little shops and beautiful and colorful ‘French’ windows.

The second cocktail and wedding reception was held at the vineyard of Chateau Terrebonne. It’s just a couple of kilometers away from Cabasse and located between Aix en Provence and St. Tropez. The place is beautiful and probably built during the Middle Ages. Aside from taking photographs of the place I had a blast taking photos of their guests and family at the vineyard while the cocktails were going on.

The wedding day itself was a classic and beautifully styled evening of warm light, great music and a rather wild dance floor scene.

Giandino and Paulin, thank you for your hospitality, generosity and the kindness you showed us throughout the week. You gave me an experience I will never forget.

WARNING: This is the longest post by far in this blog. Hope you’ll enjoy looking.:)

Below are the photos of  Cabasse, Provence (Var), France.

Cabasse shops are small and ineresting.

The narrow roads of Cabasse, Provence.

The vineyards just beside the villa that we were staying.

Shopping center of Cabasse.

Old village, old walls and old car and colorful ‘French’ windows.:)

A stone bridge at the eastern entrance to Cabasse, over the Issole.

The Wedding Photos.

How to get there. I thought the guests will be riding jeepneys.:)

‘French Missalette’

The hairstylists are the sister and cousin-in-law of the groom. Great job Bea and Lynn.

The stunning bride.

The grooms villa.

The groom’s outfit from The French Tailor (Paris, France). Nice!

The groom getting a massage from his younger brother, Ezra. Anton (older brother) preparing the playlist for the ceremony songs.

Ezra forgot to bring a shoe polish… solution: butter! His shoes becomes shiny and at the same time yummy!!!:)

The flower girls.

Best friend of the groom.

Proud parents of the groom together with their granddaughters.

A short prenup session with the best man and his gorgeous brazilian girlfriend before the wedding ceremony. My housemates too!:)

The groom on his way to the church. The photo was at the cobbled courtyard of the village. On the left is the mossy fountain of Cabasse.

The grooms family.

The dashing groom.

The bride on her way to the church.

A father and daughter moment before they walk towards the church.

Mixed emotions…

On the left is one of my favorite photos of the wedding. An old lady watching the bride and her father walk towards the church.

An emotional moment for a father.

The entire wedding ceremony were all in French.

A lovely smile of the bride.

The vows.

Sister of the groom in tears during the vows.

A big yes from the best man! (brother of the groom)

A joyful moment of the maid of honor in the background (sister of the bride).

A unique cord made of abaca rope.

The youngest guest of the wedding.

I just love this photo.

A happy couple!

Without any lightman I think I was able to pull off the lighting of this shot.

The seal.

A great moment from the groom and his brother.

Everybody is excited to throw flower petals to the couple.

This photo just tell the story of their wedding. I just love the look of the little girl on the lower left – very innocent.:)

A beautiful candid portrait of the bride.

The courtyard.

First cocktail.


The only four legged guest in the wedding.

The French friends.

The sisters.


My foster parents in Cabasse, France. Daddy and Mommy Lynn drove us to Monaco the day before before the wedding.

Mother of the bride happily serves some desserts.

The Filipino group having a great time. Oh, except for the beautiful brazilian lass 2nd from the left.

The grooms family and guests.

The brides family.

A 2 minute photo shoot of the bride and groom.

Bride and groom on their way to Chateau Terrebonne for the reception.

Who said that lipsticks are only for the lips?

The vineyards of Chateau Terrebonne.

The second cocktail.

The wines again are overflowing and it’s exclusively made by Chateau Terrebone.

These paper windmill or pinwheels were all made by the mother of the groom.


Cocktails by the vineyard.

More photo sessions in the vineyard… Family and guests were all having a blast.

The bride with her best friend.

A short portrait session with the bride.

A father and daughter moment.

Parents of the groom.

Sisters of the groom.

A very short photo session of the couple in the vineyard.

I love capturing these moments.

The reception venue.

The reception venue were all styled by the mother of the bride. The fans, table runners and candle holders were all handcarried to France.

Seat assignments.

No money dance here…:)

As what I heard those pink flowers can only be seen in the area of Cabasse and would grow only during the spring season. I hope my facts here are correct as I forgot the name of it.

Unique wedding favors: Wild and hand picked herbs from the hills of Cabasse, Olive oils and a Philippine sarong.

Everybody was enjoying watching the couples AVP.

Some dance floor scene.

Grooms message.

Father of the groom giving a message to the couple… of course in English.

The bride would just translate it in French for the French speaking guests.

Father of the bride giving his message while the father of the groom eagerly listens.

The bride translating the message of her father.

A toast from the best man.

Everybody was on the dance floor.

Mr. Best Friend having a good time with the Maid of Honor.

What a great moment to end their wedding day story.



Hope you guys had a blast looking at this post.


Again thank you to the respective family of the bride and groom for the warm reception to us. And the side trips to St. Tropez and Monaco days before the wedding was really a great ice breaker to finally know everybody in the group. Our gratitude as well to Tita Deena and Tito Jeff and the rest of the family for adopting us and making me and my wife a part of your lovely family.:)



Jan - January 4, 2012 - 6:14 pm

Beautiful, relaxed, fun!

admin - January 1, 2012 - 1:45 pm

Hi Guys!

Kumusta? Long time no see… hope you guys are having a wonderful time. Thanks a lot for dropping by and checking some of our works. Hope to catch you soon! :)


norman and melody - December 31, 2011 - 9:10 pm

Happy New Year Joey and to your family….

Nice pictures, as usual. we are very happy and proud of you that you have gone global. we hope that this coming 2012, will give you more opportunities to explore the beautiful places and romantic events all over the world.

GOD bless and have a fruitful and exciting 2012.

Norman and Melody

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