CYBER+RHADEL – 1/14/2011
Tacloban City


Joey and Nelson’s team rocks! These guys are amazing! They don’t just have the passion to take photos but the heart to do the job. No doubt they are one of a kind. As a couple, it matters to us when our photographer deals so well with our guests during the wedding and we are so glad knowing and seeing them! And what we admire most about Joey’s team is they don’t feel strangers to us instead a friend, so excited and happing taking our best post ever! Thanks to you guys! We are so happy you’d been part of the success of our wedding. Ooopps! we want you to know how we are comfortable when you call us padi, cybs and rhadz, hehehe… We simply love it! Thanks for being a friend to us too!


LOUDYFEL+ARRIS – 12/18/2010
Tacloban City

Wedding was gorgeous! We are just so excited to let everyone know how much fun the photo shoots were. Joey and Nelson are so comfortable to work with. They both direct and let you know what to do, which puts you at ease throughout the entire occasion. Amazing image quality photos. Friends were blown away saying, how fortunate we were to have such photographers. We will forever cherish each moment. They truly did a fabulous job! No doubt on that! We can’t express how overwhelmed we are with their talent. Surely, Joey Reyna Photography is the way to go!

RIKKI+MELISSA – 10/16/2010
Shangri-La Resort and Spa – Mactan

Ladies, if you’re shopping for a wedding photographer, look first at their portfolio, then correspond to meet with them. I think it’s so important to have full confidence in your photographer as they are in charge of capturing your special day for posterity. What I loved about having Joey, Nelson and their crew was, first of all, being sure that their vision of our wedding matched what we wanted to see. Secondly, they were very discreet and did not disturb our preparations or the ceremony and reception in any way. I’ve been to many weddings where the photographers and videographers are so conspicuous that the guests barely get to see or listened to anything because there are so many things going on. There are shots that surprised me because I literally had no idea that the photographers were there to capture them at the time. Thanks, Joey and Nelson, for making each captured moments so special.



GUS, proud Dad of Melissa+Rikki

Joey and Nelson, Thanks for the wonderful pics of the wedding. Great for reminiscing the fun and excitement of it all. Anyone can tell that every frame was taken from the heart of someone who wants to give the best of his God-given talent. May He bless you more as you serve others with this gifting that comes with golden characters to match.





Hi Joey, Nelson and the rest of the Team! We would like to Thank You for being with us on our wedding, your presence guys was of great help to us specially during the preparations hahahahaha! And Paul during the prenup shots! Working with you guys is so fun and cool! And we loved the shots AWESOME!!! Hope to meet you all on our free time and have a celebration for the job well done!!! Best wishes to you all and more projects to come!



ROYCE CABALONA - February 19, 2013 - 11:48 am

Our family wishes to express our heartfelt gratitude & appreciation to Joey & his team for covering the 75th bday celebration of our dad. Considering that bdays are more challenging to shoot than weddings, he & his team captured the emotions that transpired during the event. His work is truly world-class. He is really passionate about his craft, is truly a professional, & an asset to the world of photography – doing all these in a light hearted personality. He has his clients’ best interest. I feel that his photos would equally be the same even if he’ll do it pro bono.

Cenon Edsel Gaytos - October 27, 2011 - 10:20 pm

How much is a package deal? I am very interested in hiring your services next year. Hope to get your reply soon.

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